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  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is head of the foundation for people who happened to got kidnapped by some dude who claimed their friend was missing. I barely even got to run in track...
  • I am definitely not a robot
  • TheElectraFroot

    You may be wondering: how did Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Coolharry64 join forces and make the Just Dance Mii series? Well, I am a good friend of Coolharry64, and I help out with the wiki, for example, the Anaconda page. I will tell you how the series was made.

    First, they gather around for a meeting and choose the songs, menu details, characters and their details, and other things. 

    Next, they confirm anything. If there is anything wrong, they fix it, or if anything seems odd, or if there's a conflict, they will remove the element and it becomes beta.

    Then. they arrange the choreographies for each and every song. We make sure profanitites are censored and/or replaced.

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