These are the rules for Just Dance Fanmade 2nd Wiki. Make sure to follow them all and you will not be punished.


  • We would like this to be a profane-free wiki. If you curse a user, you get a 1 month block.
  • Do this again, you will get a infinite block.
  • You can censor swearing like this: h*ll


  • If you post an inappropriate picture, you will get a 3 year block.
  • Post another one, you get an infinite block.


  • If you do this, you will be banned based on the severity of the harassment.

Age Limit/Maturity

There is no age limit on the wiki, however, if you are immature, you will be blocked until you are 13.

Ban Minimum

The minimum ban duration is 48-72 hours, and is imposed at the administrators' discretion.


  • If you name an inappropriate account for you user, you get a 5 month block.


  • Don't spam. Please be kind on this wiki. Do this, you get a 7 month block.
  • Do it again, you get a 2 year block.
  • If you do it one more time, you will get a forever block.

Bad Content

  • Post some bad content, like MLG, you get a infinite block.

Chat Bans

Any misbehaving in chat, you get a infinite Ban.

Duplicate Accounts (Sockpuppets)

Under no conditions should you create a sockpuppet account after your original account has been blocked. If you do so, your sockpuppets will be infinitely blocked, and your original account's block duration will be extended to five years.


Repeatedly asking to be an admin here will lead to a two-month ban.


All comments on the wiki should stay relevant to the topic. If any of the administrators catch a comment with no relevance to the game/song, they will give the editor a warning, and the comment will be deleted.

Editing a Userpage

Unless the user gives you permission to edit their userpage, no user is to edit another user's userpage. If you do, we will find you and punish you based on what you have done to the userpage.

You have read the rules, now go and start your adventure.

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