Rock With You
Game(s) The Milestone School Dance Party!
Artist Michael Jackson
From the
Year 1979
Released Date(s)
No. of Gold Moves 4
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s)
Alternate Routines
Dance Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Green
Glove Color Green
Lyrics Color Yellow
Pictogram Count
Code Name
Choreographed By
Performed By Harry Bond

"Rock With You" by Michael Jackson is featured on The Milestone School Dance Party!.


The dancer is a male with blonde hair. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt with red sleeves, blue skinny jeans, and blue sneakers. At the bridge and final part, he has inverted colours, and black skin.


The background seems to be set inside a station, similar to Just Dance Machine’s background and Aerobics In Space’s background. It is green and orange. There are clones of the coaches during the bridge. At the bridge and the final chorus, the station turns blue and purple. at the end, the station closes.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine.

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Put your right arm in the air and left hand on your hip and shake you head.

Gold Moves 3 and 4: Point to the screen with your right hand and kick your left foot.