Just Dance: THORPE PARK is a game in the Just Dance franchise. It releases August 6, 2016 for the UK only. The game is a crossover with the theme park "Thorpe Park".

Track Listing

There are 18 songs.

Song Menu Color Dancer(s)
The Swarm Dark Yellow Swarm
Flying Fish Green Flyingfish
Nemesis Inferno Orange Nemesisinferno
X Light Red Xlasers
Rush Dark Blue Rush
Stealth Brownish-Purple Stealth
Slammer Gold Slammers
Detonator Red Bang
SAW Black SAWtheentire
Colossus Purple Colossus
Zodiac Light Blue Zodiac
Tidal Wave White SPLASH!
Vortex Lime Green Vortex
Logger's Leap Dark Red LoggersLeap
Samurai Cyan Samurai
Quantum Reddish-Purple Quantummoonandsun
Derren Brown's Ghost Train Grey Derrenbrown
Orignal Thorpe Park Theme Light Purple Travelthorpepark


  • This game has a low amount of songs. Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition has 10, Just Dance 2: Extra Songs has about 23, & Just Dance has 32.
  • This is the first theme park game in the franchise.


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