Just Dance: Mii 2 is the sequel to Just Dance: Mii Which released In 2015. Just Dance: Mii 2 Releases 12th August 2016 for The US, 14th Of August 2016 for EU and Japan, 16th August 2016 for the UK, and 2017 for Nintendo NX and Xbox One and PS4.



  • Gold moves are added back, since the previous game did not have those.
  • On fire moves are added, and if you strike the pose, you gain 1,000 points.
  • New move ratings are added, nice, brilliant, Fantastic and On Fire!
  • The game is more HD Now and the graphics Look very realistic.
  • A new way to connect remotes while using 6 players on the Wii U. Place your hands on the gamepad for 3 seconds, then you are hands free!
  • Difficulties are restored.
  • World Dancefloor is also returning.
  • VIP's are returning too
  • Community Remix is returning as well.


On 7th-gen consoles, it's listed alphabetically, while on 8th-gen consoles, It's listed on the order below.

The tracklist has 43 songs.

  • (J) Indicates that the song is a Japanese exclusive.
  • (#) Indicates that the song is Covered.
  • (PAL) Indicates that the song is a PAL exclusive.
  • (NTSC) Indicates that the song is a NTSC exclusive.
  • (/) Indicates that the song is shortened.
  • (2017) Indicates that the song is on Just Dance 2017.
  • (D) Indicates that the song is in the demo version.
  • (NX) Indicates that the song is a Nintendo NX exclusive.
  • (NOW-F) Indicates that the song is in the just dance now files.
Song Artist No. Gold And On Fire Moves Difficulty Dancer(s)
Bangarang (NOW-F) Skrillex 12 Hardest Bangarang
Do You Love Me The Contours 4 Easy Do You Love Me
Coffee & TV Blur 2 Medium Coffee&tv
Crazy Cactus The Nature Club 5 Easy Crazy
Now I've Got A Cat (PAL) Justin Fletcher 5 Easy Hamster
Pretty Girls (NTSC) Britney Spears Ft. Iggy Azalea 6 Medium Prettygirls
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (2017) Silentó 9 Hard Whipnaenae
WarioWare Inc. Remix (NOW-F) WarioWare 4 Medium Wario
Greatest Day Take That 3 Easy Greatest day
Stupid Stupid Nicki Minaj 5 Medium


Sax (NOW-F) Fleur East 7 Hard Saxo
Baila Baila Basho And Friends 3 Medium Baila
Fancy Footwork (NOW-F) (#) Chromeo (The Hit Crew) 6 Hard Fancyfootwork
Let's Dance! Adan & His Friends 4 Easy ASJD
Like A Prayer Madonna 2 Easy Likeaprayer
Swagger Jagger Cher Lloyd 5 Medium Swaggerjagger
Anaconda Nicki Minaj 4 Medium Anaconda
Love Yourself (D) (NOW-F) Justin Bieber 7 Hard Purpose
Somebody That I Used To Know Gotye 5 Easy STIUTK
Can't Stop The Feeling (NOW-F) Justin Timberlake 4 Hard CSTF
Red Lights Tiësto 7 Medium Redlight
Drag Me Down One Direction 8 Hard Dragme
Beautiful Life Base Of Ace 4 Easy Bl
Just Like Fire (NOW-F) P!nk 5 Medium Fire
Rock Me One Direction 7 Hard Rockme
Me Too (NX) Meghan Trainor 5 Easy MeToo
Light Up The Night (NOW-F) The Black Eyed Peas 2 Easy Lightitup
I Love This Crush Gigi Rowe 3 Medium Runthenight
Greyhound Swedish House Mafia 3 Hard Greyhound
Rise (NOW-F) Katy Perry 5 Medium Olympicsnbc
How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris Ft. Disciples 7 Hard Howdeepisyourlove
Shut Up (/) The Black Eyed Peas 6 Medium Elephunk
Wii Sports Theme (NOW-F) Nintendo 5 Medium Wii
Whenever The Black Eyed Peas 3 Easy Whenever?
Sweet Lovin' (NOW-F) Sigala ft. Byrn Christopher 10 Hardest Sweetlovinsqu
Marry The Night Lady Gaga 4 Medium Marry
Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots 3 Medium (Hard in the Chorus) StressedOut
Don't Phunk With My Heart The Black Eyed Peas 6 Hard Nononono
We Have Arrived (NOW-F) Rae feat. Classic 4 Hard Wehavearrived
Super Mario Galaxy Theme Ubisoft Meets Nintendo 2 Easy Mariodance
Runaway (U & I) (NOW-F) Galantis 9 Hard Runaway
We Go Together (#) John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (From The Movie Grease) 5 Medium Grease


  • (W/8) Indicates that the song is exclusive to the Wii and 8th-Gen consoles.
  • (2017) Indicates that the song is on Just Dance 2017.
  • (W/WU) Indicates that the alternate is for the Wii and Wii U only.
Song Artist Mode Dancer(s) How to Unlock
Bangarang Skrillex Virtual Reality Mode VR Get a Samsung VR Headset
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Silentó Extreme Version WatchmeALT Get 5 Stars on Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)
Swagger Jagger Cher Lloyd Extreme Version SwaggerALT Dance to Swagger Jagger 3 times
Just Like Fire (W/8) P!nk Seated Dance FireALT Get 5 Stars on Just Like Fire
Marry The Night Lady Gaga With A Katana MarryALT Dance for 1 Hour
Can't Stop The Feeling Justin Timberlake Extreme CSTFALT Dance for 5 Days
Light Up The Night The Black Eyed Peas Rugby Version BEPALT Dance to All BEP Songs
Drag Me Down One Direction Boxer/Wrestler Version DragmeALT Get 5 Stars on Drag Me Down
Red Lights Tiestö Wellies Version RedlightsALT Dance to Red Lights 5 Times
We Have Arrived Rae feat. Classic Father & Son Duet ArrivedALT Dance to 10 Songs
Anaconda Nicki Minaj Offical Choreo AnacondaALT Get 5 Stars on Anaconda & Stupid Stupid
Rise Katy Perry Fitness Version Image Get 5 Stars on Rise
Runaway (U & I) Galantis Fitness Version UandiALT Dance to All Songs From 2015
Love Yourself (W/WU) Justin Bieber Lie-Down Dance YourselfALT Get a Wii Balance Board
Baila Baila Basho & Friends Disco Mode BailaALT Dance to All Songs

Community Remix

Community Remix has been confirmed to be for every song on the tracklist in the game. They will allow players to be in the game for other dancers to dance to.

Song Artist Contest Entry Dates Date Released
Love Yourself Justin Bieber August 12, 2016 - August 14, 2016 Launch
Sax Fleur East August 22, 2016 - August 28, 2016 September 2, 2016
Bangarang Skrillex September 15, 2016 - September 22, 2016 September 28, 2016


This is where two songs are to battle together. They last 5 rounds. Whoever has the most victories wins. 5 Battles are included in this game.
Difficulties of all battles are Medium.

Song Artist Dancers
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) VS WarioWare Inc. Remix Silentó VS Nintendo Battle1
Do You Love Me VS Sax The Contours VS Fleur East Battle2
Crazy Cactus VS Whenever The Nature Club VS The Black Eyed Peas Battle3
Rise VS Light Up The Night Katy Perry VS The Black Eyed Peas Battle4
Bangarang VS Fancy Footwork Skrillex VS The Hit Crew Battle5


  • (F) indicates the song is a free DLC.
  • (JDMII) indicates the song is on Just Dance: Mii.

Release Date of the Game

Song Artist Mode Price Dancer
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself (F) Jess Glynne Solo Free DBSHOY
Titanium David Guetta ft. Sia Solo £2.99/250 Wii Points Titanium
NO Meghan Trainor Solo £2.99/250 Wii Points NØ
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) AWOLNATION Solo £2.99/250 Wii Points Badwolf
G.U.Y. (JDMII) Lady Gaga Dance Crew £2.99/250 Wii Points G.u.y

September 28, 2016

Song Artist Mode Price Dancer
This Is What You Came For Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna Solo £2.99/250 Wii Points TIWYCF
What Do You Mean? Justin Bieber Solo £2.99/250 Wii Points Whatdoyoumean?
Give Me Your Love Sigala ft. John Newman Duet £2.99/250 Wii Points Givemeyourlove
Don't Want To Know Maroon 5 Duet £2.99/250 Wii Points Dontwanttoknow
Glad You Came (JDMII) The Wanted Duet £2.99/250 Wii Points Gladyoucame

Light Up The Night Contest Winners

A contest was held on July 15 2016, which let fans choreograph their own routines to "Light Up The Night" by the "Black Eyed Peas". Five winners had their dances Recorded (the winners were dancing themselves) and added into the game with a separate section on the menu called "Light Up The Night Contest Dances".

Name Birthday Country Icon
Almira Cercado October 28, 1987 Phillipines Contestwinner1
Nick Lynch January 18, 2001 UK Contestwinner2
Reggie Fils-Amie March 25, 1961 United States Contestwinner3
Miguel Erich April 4, 1998 Italy Contestwinner4
Elisa Curtis November 20, 2002 Germany Contestwinner5


  • This is the second Just Dance Mii game, Followed by Just Dance Mii.
  • This was the first game to include a dance with 11 Gold moves, Beating Ninja Re Bang Bang with 10 gold moves on Just Dance Wii U.
  • This is the second game to have contest winners, the first was Just Dance 2.