Just Dance: Fruit Heroes is a dancing game based on the RPG TV show Fruit Heroes. It will release on September 15, 2017 for the US. It released in Japan and Europe September 18, 2017. It will release in the UK on September 19, 2017, and it will release in Australia in September 20, 2017.


  • Everything is returning, except for difficulties.
  • Another new move phrase, called "Super", which stands between "Good" & "Perfect"


On 7th-gen consoles, it's listed alphabetically, while on 8th-gen consoles, It's listed on the order below.

The tracklist has 43 songs.

  • (#) Indicates that the song is Covered.
  • (/) Indicates that the song is shortened.
  • (2017) Indicates that the song is on Just Dance 2017.
  • (D) Indicates that the song is in the demo version.
  • (S) Indicates that the song is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.
  • (NOW-F) Indicates that the song is in the just dance now files.
Song Artist Mode No. Gold And On Fire Moves Year Dancer(s)
Somebody To Love (/) (NOW-F) Queen Solo 5 1976 Somebodytolove
Part Of Your World (#) Jodi Benson (Disney's "The Little Mermaid") Solo 4 1989 Partofyourworld
When You Love Someone (NOW-F) James TW Duet 3 2016 Whenyoulovesomeone
Hey There Delilah Plain White T's Solo 5 2006 Heytheredelilah
Nutbush City Limits Ike & Tina Turner Solo 7 1973 Nutbushcitylimits
Oh Happy Day Edwin Hawkins Singers Solo 3 1968 Ohhappyday
Treasure (NOW-F) Bruno Mars Solo 4 2013 Treasurechest
The Greatest (2017) Sia Duet 3 2016 Thegreatest
Shutdown Skepta Dance Crew 6 2015 Shutdown
Hallelujah Leonard Cohen Solo 4 1984 Hallelujah
All Of Me (D) (NOW-F) John Legend Solo 3 2013 Allofme
Ain't Got Far To Go (NOW-F) Jess Glynne Solo 5 2016 AGFTO
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke Trio 4 1964 ACIGC
Pie Jesu Andrew Lloyd Webber Duet 2 1992 Piejesu
All About You McFly Solo 5 2005 Allaboutyou
Stay With Me (NOW-F) Sam Smith Duet 3 2014 Staywithme
Brand New You Ariana Grande Solo 4 2009 Brandnewyou
Mamma Knows Best (NOW-F) Jessie J Dance Crew 6 2011 Mammaknowsbest
Running Up That Hill Kate Bush Solo 4 1985 Runningupthathill
Lady Of Knock Dana Rosemary Scallon Solo 3 1981 Ladyofknock
Free Fallin' (NOW-F) Tom Petty Solo 7 1989 Freefalling

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