Just Dance: Everyone is one of the newest games being introduced by Just Dance and Ubisoft. Rumored to come out during the summer of 2017, or the 2017 Holiday season, this game takes a major turn from the normal Just Dance experience.


Like any of games in the series, the main goal of the game is to follow the in-game coaches as accurately as possible. The game is being launched for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii, Nintendo NX, & Wii U. There are rumors that there will be a Just Dance themed Xbox One and Xbox 360, that include the console (64 Gigs), Kinect Sensor, all the Just Dance games, and two controllers.

There are many new and improved features, including:

Coaches: The coaches will no longer be white. They will be normal, and diverse, ranging from child to adult, skinny to large, and ethnically diverse, which is why it is titled Just Dance: Everyone, telling anyone “You can play, just like everyone else!” Also, we are make some songs gender neutral. Others will not be, depending on the song.


The backgrounds are taking a major turn. Coaches are now going to be able to dance from anywhere like an actual beach, to a green screen simulating the Sun’s surface. Suggest ideas for backgrounds.

New Additions

In this game, Ubisoft has gotten the rights for some of the never before used songs, such as any from Beyonce to Britney Spears. Also instead of the normal 35-45 song track listing, this game will have over 100 songs in the track list. Some can be from previous games (28 of the songs are from previous games, making 4 from each game available, and they will be remade to make the dancers appear normal), others can be original, some can be from YouTubers, and others can be from Indie artists. DLC’s will now be release bi-monthly, and 5 songs will be released.

Mojo Coins

Now you will be able to do more with the mojo coins than ever before! You can chose alternative outfits for your favorite songs, or use your not used mojo coins to download special DLC’s that can be downloaded/bought with either your mojo coins you haven't used, or pay for them. Can also get the opposite gender dance with them.

Family Dance

Family Dances are new versions of dances adding on to solos, duets, trios, and dance crews. In family dances, a brother, sister, mother, and father are used.

World Dancefloor

World Dancefloor has been changed in many ways for this game. DLC's can be played occasionally, even if you don't have them. They will be played only four times a day and an alert will be sent to you via text messaging or email. Also, battle mode is used in World Dancefloor. The winning side's full song gets played. The six player dances from Xbox One are also being used, but only Wii U and Playstation Move users can choose any of the six, Kinect and the Move Camera will randomly choose a coach for you, but it's being rumored that there will be an app similar to Just Dance 2015 controller that will allow you to choose and play.

Battle Mode

New to Battle mode is the dance crew battles, where there are two members on each side instead of one. It is still unknown if Xbox One will have 3 players instead of two on each side. For this moment. Battle modes are the only modes that had difficulties.

Singer Dance

New to Just Dance! The Singer Dance is now a new Alternative in which the singer is now the coach! They choose the choreography and sing along as they sing it as well! Once a month, one lucky Xbox One winner will get the opportunity to Skype the artist while dancing. 

Xbox Features: New features for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are being introduced. On both of the consoles, Just Dance is bringing back the "Normal" and "Easy" choice, just like in Just Dance 3. Just Create is being reintroduced to Xbox 360 and now a few of the songs will let you add Gold Moves, while Just Dance DJ is being added to Xbox One. 6 players are returning to Xbox One.

5 Player Dance

5 Player Dance is a new feature exclusively available for Xbox One, in which there are 5 coaches to choose from. There is a lead coach, and 4 back-up dancers. They all work together to make one awesome choreography.


New alternative mode that targets multi-language songs. Classic Mode is usually the original song, and the Lost in Translation mode is the translated version of the song. May or may not have different dancers. Usually has different dance moves and outfits.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is featured on Just Dance: Mii and Just Dance: Everyone. The Arcade Mode features a lot of Mini-Games. You can choose different kind of numbers of rounds.

  • AI Battles - AI battles are battles that have AI's as your challengers. These can happen only in Battle Mode. If you win. You will continue to the next round.
  • Perfect Collector - You need to get Perfects to collect them. The AI will count how many you collected. If it is higher or the same score of the AI. You will continue to the next round.
  • Pictojeweled - This is a different kind of minigame. You need to match the pictos in order to make 50 Matches. Like Bejewled. Kinect is the hardest one to control. Gold Pictograms make a Golden Explosion makin a 3x4 or 4x3 explosion. You can't match 4 or higher Gold Picto. So you can only match 3
  • Too Hard without Gold Moves - This is a mini-game that a dance will not have Gold Moves making it harder.
  • Match The Song Card - This is a mini-game that a dance square Must Match. If you match a dance square where it happens to be in past games. You will then receive more points than the songs in this songs.

Suggest more mini-games for arcade mode!! Please!!!

Track Listing

  • (Angled) - Indicates that in the song, the camera moves through different points of view, and may zoom in and out, and may also spin around.
  • (JD16)- Song is originally from Just Dance 2016.
  • (JD17)- Song is originally from Just Dance 2017.
  • (XBOX1)- Only available on Xbox One consoles.
  • (WAL)- Wal-Mart Exclusive.
  • (TARGET)- Target Exclusive.
  • (U)- Song is Unlockable.
  • (NIN)- Song is an Nintendo Exclusive.
  • (WU)- Song is Wii U Exclusive.
  • (BB)- Best Buy Exclusive.
  • (Fanmade) - The classic routine is a fanmade
  • (JD4) - Song is originally from Just Dance 4
  • (Original) - Routine is from original game that song is in
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer Gender(s)
You're On My Mind Imposs ft. J. Perry 2014 Trio Male/Male/Male
Infinity AJR 2015 Duet Male/Female
People Like Us Kelly Clarkson 2012 Dance Crew Female/Male/Female/Male
Happy Marina & The Diamonds 2014 Solo Female
Rather Be Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne 2014 Duet Female/Male
Training Wheels Melanie Martinez 2015 Duet Female/Male
Outside Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding 2014 Solo Male
Chandelier Sia 2014 Solo Female
Hula Hoop (NIN) Wii Fit 2007 Solo Female
Pacify Her Melanie Martinez 2015 Solo Female
Knock On Wood Amii Stewart 1979 Solo Female
Circle The Drain Katy Perry 2010 Trio Female/Male/Female
Alejandro Lady Gaga 2009 Solo Female
Blue Reagan James 2015 Solo Female
Dollhouse Melanie Martinez 2014 Family Dance Female/Male/Female/Male
Kira Kira Killer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 2014 Dance Crew Female/Male/Male/Female
Thinking of You Katy Perry 2008 Duet


I Can't Decide Scissor Sisters 2006 Solo Male
Walkashame (WAL) (Angled) Meghan Trainor 2015 Solo


Just A Little Bit of Your Heart Ariana Grande 2014 Solo


3am Meghan Trainor 2015 Solo Male
I Wanna Go Britney Spears 2012 Trio Male/Female/Male
Don't Ed Sheeran 2014 Solo Male
Zoo Station (Angled) U2 1991 Dance Crew Male/Male/Male/Male
Just Nintendo (NIN) Ubisoft Meets Nintendo 2006 Duet Male/Male
The Greatest Sia 2016 Solo Female
Pon De Replay (Fanmade) Rihanna 2006 Dance


Run The Show (JD4)


Kat DeLuna ft. Busta Rhymes 2008 Duet Female/Female
Sorry (JD17) Justin Bieber 2015 Solo Male
Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding 2014 Duet Female/Male
Stadium Flow (JD16) (Fanmade) Imposs 2015 Solo Male
Echo Trevor Moran 2014 Duet Male
When Can I See You Again? (XBOX1) Owl City 2012  5 Player Dance Female/Female/Male/Male/Male
The One That Got Away (TARGET) Katy Perry 2010 Solo Female
Dead To Me (TARGET) Melanie Martinez 2014 Solo Female
Titanium (JD17) David Guetta ft. Sia 2011 Solo


Immortals (Angled) Fall Out Boy 2014 Solo Male
Hotel California (Angled) Eagles 2010 Solo Male
American Oxygen Rihanna 2015 Solo Female
Fly Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna 2011 Solo Female
Marilyn Monroe (Angled) Nicki Minaj 2012 Solo Female
Drop The Mambo (JD16) (Angled) Diva Carmina 2015 Solo Female
Your Love Is My Drug (U) Ke$ha 2010 Solo Female
Save Me (BB) Nicki Minaj 2012 Solo Female
Are You What You Want To Be? Foster The People 2014 Solo Female
Elastic Heart (Angled) Sia 2015 Solo Female
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) Katy Perry 2011 Solo Female
Anaconda (JDMII2) Nicki Minaj 2014 Dance Crew Female/Male/Female/Male

Add more songs if you need to. :)

Removed Songs

Song Artist Year Mode Dancer Gender(s) Date Removed Removed due to
Panda Desiigner 2016 Solo Male After Gameplay Exclipt Lyrics


  • This is the first game to have over 100 songs.