Just Dance: Boogie Beebies
Some attributes
First This is the second UK game in the series.
Second It's only available in UK, and only for Wii U and CBeebies Console 1542.
Third It has 46 songs.
Other attributes
Fourth This game is released on March 20, 2017.
Fifth It even steals some songs from Just Dance 2016.
Sixth The menu design is the same as Just Dance 2017.

Just Dance: Boogie Beebies is a game scheduled to come out in March 2017. The game will have all the songs from Boogie Beebies, including Unlockable songs.

Menu Design

It's recycled from Just Dance 2017 with slight updates.


You know!!!! Follow the dancer on screen holding the remote in your right hand.


  • The feedbacks show up a bit bigger & are brighter than ever.
  • The Starbar is also brighter.
  • The Following are not present:
    • Alternates
    • Communtiy Remix
    • Sing-Along
    • Just Dance Unlimited
  • The lyric Colors are brighter than ever.


 The game contains 46 songs.
Song Singer Series Mode Menu Square
Dig It Pete 1 Trio Digit
Ocean Motion Nat 1 Solo Oceanmotion
Go Go Mango Pete 1 Solo Gogomango
Space Walking Nat 1 Solo Spacewalking
Turning Around Pete 1 Solo Trunaround
Gardening Nat 1 6-Player Gardening
Hey Monkey Pete 1 Dance Crew Funkymonkey
Barnyard Boogie Nat 1 Duet Barnyard
Every Kind Of Weather Song Nat 1 Solo Weather
Kangaroo Pete 1 Solo Kangaroo
Pirate Gang Pete 1 Duet Pirate
Butterfly Fly Pete 1 Solo Caterpillar
Dancing On The Sand Nat 1 Dance Crew DOTS
We Want To Be Fit Nat 1 Dance Crew WWTBF
Shoe Hoedown Nat 1 Solo Shoes
Going To The Park Pete 1 Solo GTTP
Penguin Bop Nat 1 Trio Penguinbop
Double Decker Pete 1 Duet Doublebus
Building Pete 1 Solo Buildit
Tick Tock Clock Nat 1 Solo Tictok
Carousel Nat 1 Duet Carousal
Do The Duck Nat 1 Duet Duckduck
Chuffa Chuffa Chawoowoo Pete 1 Duet Chowoo
Little Dreamer Pete 1 Duet Wakeup
Take It To The Checkout Nat 1 Duet TITTC
Dream Cleaning Crew Pete 1 Solo Dreaming
Teatime Nat 1 Solo Teatime
Cupcake Pete 1 Solo Cupcake
Football Shimmy Nat 1 Solo GOAL

Dance Quests

Name of Quest Songs Color
Fish Turning Around
Hey Monkey
Pirate Gang
Sunglasses We Want To Be Fit
Go Go Mango
Cake Dig It
Space Walking
Shoe Hoedown
Keyboard Going To The Park
Ocean Motion
Lucky Take It To The Checkout
Dream Cleaning Crew
Tick Tock Clock
Hurricane Little Dreamer
Do The Duck

Mojo Unlockables

Song Artist Year Cost Dancer(s)
Chiwawa Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2015 10000 Chiwawa
The Choice Is Yours Darius Dante Van Dijk 2015 10000 Thechoice
I Gotta Feeling The Black Eyed Peas 2009 10000 Igottafeeling
All About That Bass Meghan Trainor 2014 10000 AATB
Balkan Blast Remix Angry Birds 2015 10000 Angrybirds
Ievan Polkka Hatsune Miku 2007 10000 Ievanpolkka
Boys (Summertime Love) Sabrina 1987 10000 Boys
Animals Martin Garrix 2013 10000 Animals


  • This is the second game olny available for UK, after Just Dance Best Of.
  • This game includes a new feature called party battle, similar to Just Dance 1's "Challenge".
  • In the beta of Little Dreamer, the dancer was wearing red & green.
  • In the beta of Dream Cleaning Crew, there was a rainbow magic fairies poster instead of a zigzag background with Ievan Polkka, I Gotta Feeling & Want To Want Me.
  • In the beta, the menu was the JD2016 menu instead of the JD2017 menu.