Just Dance: Bakugan Version
Vital statistics
Author Ubisoft
Illustrator Ubisoft
Published on 21st June, 2015
Published by Cartoon Network

Just Dance: Bakugan Version Is A Bakugan Version Of Just Dance And Releases 21st Of June 2015.


This Game Is About Songs From Just Dance Games And Bakugan Characters Dancing To The Song. New Songs Such As Hold Back The River,Lips Are Movin,We're Going On A Bear Hunt,etc. This Game Uses 6 Player Modes And Are Now Avalible For Wii And Wii u. This Game Will Not Be Released For The PS Consles, Altough It Is Unknown. The Menu Is Recycled From Just Dance 4.


This Game Contains 40 Songs In Total.

  • Everybody Dance Now (6 Players,Medium,B(Dan)/G(Runo)/B(Marucho)/G(Julie)/B(Shun)/G(Alice)
  • Jump In The Line (Solo,Easy,G(Runo)
  • Jump (Dance Crew,Hard,B(Dan)/B(Shun)/G(Runo)/B(Marucho)
  • We're Going On A Bear Hunt (Duet,Easy,G(Alice)/B(Dan)
  • A-Punk (Solo,Medium,B(Marucho)
  • Move Your Feet (Solo,Hard,B(Dan)
  • Hot N Cold (Solo,Easy,G(Alice)
  • Boom Clap (Solo,Easy,G(Alice)
  • Uptown Funk (Duet,Medium,B(Marucho)/B(Shun)
  • Doing It (Duet,Hard,G(Jewels)/G(Jenny)
  • King (Solo,Medium,B(Marucho)
  • I Got You (I Feel Good) (Solo,Easy,B(Marduk)
  • Mamma Mia (Solo,Easy,G(Alice)
  • Baby Girl (Solo,Hard,B(Komba O'Charlie)
  • Lips Are Movin (Solo,Medium,G(Runo)
  • Song 2 (Duet,Hard,B(Dan)/B(Shun)
  • Pump It (Solo,Extreme,B(Dan)
  • Sugar (Solo,Easy,B(Billy)
  • Happy (Solo,Easy,B(Marucho)
  • Blame (Duet,Hard,B(Dan)/B(Marucho)
  • Hold Back The River (Duet,Easy,B(Dan)/G(Julie)
  • Surfin Bird (Trio,Easy,B(Dan)/B(Shun)/B(Marucho)
  • Heartbeat Song (Solo,Medium,G(Alice)
  • I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Duet,Hard,B(Marucho)/G(Jenny)
  • Summer (Solo,Hard,B(Shun)
  • I'm Not The Only One (Radio Edit) (Duet,Easy,B(Shun)/G(Alice)
  • She's Got Me Dancing (Dance Crew,Medium,G(Runo)/B(Dan)/G(Julie)/B(Marucho)
  • Eye Of The Tiger (Solo,Hard,G(Chan Lee)
  • Firework (Solo,Easy,G(Alice)
  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Duet,Hard,B(Dan)/B(Shun)
  • It's Gonna Be Me (Solo,Medium,B(Masquerade)
  • Wake Me Up (Duet,Medium,B(Marucho)/G(Runo)
  • Rasputin (Solo,Hard,B(Komba O' Charlie)
  • Maps (Duet,Medium,B(Dan)/G(Alice)
  • Domino (Solo,Easy,G(Julie)
  • Pump Up The Volume (Solo,Medium,B(Dan)
  • Chicken Payback (Solo,Easy,B(Marucho)
  • Part Of Me (Solo,Extreme,G(Runo)
  • She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (Duet,Hard,G(Alice)/G(Runo)
  • Bye Bye Bye (6 Players,Easy,B(Dan)/B(Shun)/B(Marucho)/G(Runo)/G(Julie)/G(Alice)

Tracklist Done.


  • Life Is A Rollercoaster (Free) (Solo,Easy,B(Dan)
  • Promiscuous ($2.99/250 Wii Points) (Duet,Hard,G(Runo)/B(Dan)
  • Toxic ($2.99/300 Wii Points) (Solo,Medium,G(Runo)
  • Take A Chance On Me ($2.99/300 Wii Points) (Duet,Easy,B(Shun)/G(Alice)

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