Just Dance: Alton Towers is a game in the Just Dance franchise. It releases August 5, 2017 for the UK only. The game is a crossover with the theme park "Alton Towers".


There are 18 songs. Introducing Dance Squad, in which 5 people work together to make one awesome Choreography.

Song Menu Color Dancer(s)
The Smiler Yellow HaHaHa
Oblivion Orange Oblivion
Nemesis Pink Nemesis
Galactica Blue Galactica
Th13teen Green Thirteen
Rita Red Wickerman
Sonic Spinball Cyan Sonicspinball
Hex - the Legend of the Towers Lime HexAGONS
Sharkbait Reef - by Sealife Colbat SharksBeware
Katanga Canyon Brown KatangaCanyon
Wicker Man Beige Thefinalcut
The Flume Pale Blue Theflume