I Hate Staff Members and Teachers
Game(s) The Milestone School Dance Party!
Artist Harry Bond and Christian Brown-Iyoko
From the
Year 2018
Released Date(s)
Difficulty 4
Effort 4
No. of Gold Moves 2
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s)
Alternate Routines
Dance Mode Trio
Pictogram Color Brown/Various/Green
Glove Color Brown/Various/Green
Lyrics Color Yellow
Pictogram Count
Code Name
Choreographed By
Performed By Christian Brown-Iyoko (P1)
Harry Bond (P3)

"I Hate Staff Members and Teachers" by Harry Bond and Christian Brown-Iyoko is featured on The Milestone School Dance Party!.


The dance is a trio. The main dancers of this routine are two men, and they are both returning dancers. The middle dancer is the victm of this routine (either a staff member or a teacher), and constantly changes gender throughout the routine.