Some attributes
First Song by Nicki Minaj
Second Released in 2014
Third Appears on Just Dance: Mii 2
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Colors: Purple/Cyan/Grey/Green
Fifth Lyrics Color: Cyan
Sixth Gold Moves & On Fire Moves: 4

Anaconda By Nicki Minaj is featured on Just Dance: Mii 2.


P1 is a girl with a Purple shirt, a beige dress with red, green, blue, & yellow lines & brown sandals.

P2 is a footballer. He wears a cyan t-shirt & white shorts with purple accents.

P3 is a girl wearing a white top with black trousers.

P4 is a cactus with butter on top of his head.


The alternate dancer is P1 of the Classic routine. She retains all of her features.


The background is a jungle like the music video. In the chorus, it is green with green jungle leaves. When Nicki Minaj says "yeah!" It turns into a cave where loud noises can be heard.

Gold Moves

Gold move 1: Push each other. P4 kind of stumbles.

Gold move 2: When "Look At her butt" is sung the last time in the first chorus, P1 does a peace sign behind her back, while P2, P3 & P4 point to her.

Gold move 3: P1 & P3: roll in a circle. P2 & P4: do a tantrum.

On Fire Move 1: P1 Shrugs, P2 lifts his leg up, P3 does the thinking pose, & P4 puts his arms out. This is the last move of the routine.


Gold move 1: Squat with your knees Bent.

On Fire Move 1: Lower your head and cup your hands over your mouth as if you are shouting. This is the final move of the routine.


  • This is the first of the Just Dance Mii series to have an Alternate routine dancer to be recycled from the classic.
  • The third gold move resembles a move from So What.
  • The On Fire Move for the Alternate resembles the gold move for Oh No!.
  • Because of the song being explicit, A**, N***a, P*ssy, F**king, F**k, Motherf**king, B***h, B**ches, D*pe & C*caine are censored, & the line "He Toss My Salad" is replaced with "All In The Salad".
  • Strangley, D**k & H*ll aren't censored. But Nicki was not referring to the swear word. Instead, they mentioned the name.


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